How Do Low-Noise Generators Work?

Low-noise power generators work the same way most generators work— by converting mechanical energy into electrical energy.

The same is true for other types of generators whether they be portable types or industrial types or even the power generators that could power whole cities. The only difference between them is how they generate the mechanical energy that they need.

Below are the common sources of mechanical energy that different generators use:

1. Steam engine turbines
2. Water turbines (think water wheels)
3. Internal combustion engines
4. Wind turbines
5. Manual hand crank
6. Compressed air

Most modern generators of the portable and industrial variety use internal combustion. This is the reason why most of them, especially the bigger ones, have very high noise levels. The usual portable generator is said to average about 75 decibels which is about the same as the noise of a leaf blower.

How do low-noise or silent power generators work then?

Manufacturers are still able to reduce noise levels down to 50 decibels by employing sound damping methods or noise reduction techniques in the design of the generators. It could be done through the design of the engines themselves and through the design of the engine housing. Materials that reduce vibration and noise levels are often used along with clever application of acoustics in the design and manufacturing of low-noise generator models.

There are plenty of generators out there that will suit your needs. Whether your going on a camping trip, a road trip or a fishing trip, you would want a silent or low-noise portable generator that will work the way it is supposed to be. After all, nobody wants a loud whirling noise in the background while having a camp fire cook out in the forest or while watching television inside your RV or while waiting to catch a fish in the middle of the sea. Silent generators should work best in these situations.

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