Chicago Electric Generators – A China-Made Product That Thinks Big

Some people may think portable power generators produced in China are inferior and won’t last long at all. On the most part, a lot of folks are right in that regard. However, not all China made equipment deserve that kind of rep. Chicago electric generators, for instance, which are manufactured by Chicago Electric Power Tools, are made in China but are highly regarded as gensets perfectly capable of doing its job.

Chicago Electric Power Tools sound like they’ve been manufactured in the U.S., but its actually a China-based company that builds them. While the portable power generators they manufacture may not have the same kind of quality you’d expect from respected brand giants like Honda or Yamaha, you’ll find that they are perfectly adequate for providing power during blackouts and power grid failures.

Chicago electric generators are generally on the low-cost side, and while the rest of the company’s line of generators don’t fall under the category of low-noise generators, their exhaust can be fitted with mufflers that can be purchased in brick-and-mortar stores, or online from a number of generator retailers. Chicago Electric Power Tools doesn’t have a website where you can browse through their product lines, but you can log on to forums or read third-party reviews of the brand to determine whether the kind of backup power Chicago electric generators provide is best for you.

Its 800 Rated Watts/900 Max Watts Portable Generator, for instance, can run a mini-fridge, a radio, a fan, and a couple of power tools. On the other hand, the company’s 7 HP 3050 Rated Watts/3500 Max Watts Gasoline Generator is EPA and CARB-certified as a low-noise unit that’s low on polluting emissions.

The company also has a highly-rated 5.5 HP, 2200 Rated Watts/2400 Max Watts Portable Generator that’s EPA-certified and features a recoil start and a 4-stroke 163cc gas engine with an air-cooled overhead valve to provide maximum power. The 13 HP, 5500 Rated Watts/6500 Max Watts Generator with Electric Start are ideal for construction or job sites, in remote areas, or for use during power interruptions.

Chicago Electric Power Tools’ power generators are exported by Harbor Freight, an import/export company that provides quality tools at low prices. They have been in the business of exporting the Chicago electric generator brand for over 35 years now, and can boast of being one of the largest catalog retailers of tools and equipments with five million customers worldwide. Ordering a Chicago electric generator from Harbor Freight is hassle-free that’s backed by its “100% satisfaction guarantee” rider.

Apart from power generators, Chicago Electric Power Tools also markets its more than 200 power tool products like soldering and welding tools, electrical supplies, mechanical tools, air and compressor tools, cordless tools, and small kitchen appliances via, AOL Shopping and eBay.

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