4 Black Max Generator Models with 3000 to 7000 Watts Power

Black Max is one of those American brands that isn’t well-known worldwide but they produce some nicely designed home improvement hardware equipment (e.g. pressure washers, leaf blowers, etc.), not the least of which is the Black Max Portable Generator Series, geared towards the American consumers, home owners, business owners, recreational vehicle owners, outdoor enthusiasts, etc. They currently have four different generator models in production ranging from 3000 to 7000 watts in power but all designed for portable use.

Black Max BM10300 – this is a 3000 watt genset equipped with a 4 gallon gas tank that is capable of providing electricity up to 12 hours at 50% load. It has two 120-volt 20 amp AC outlets and one 120-volt 30 amp AC outlet for RV applications. It is designed with a 193cc engine and is built with a safety feature that automatically shuts the engine down when oil level goes down to critical levels. It has a suitably designed sturdy roll cage frame that ensures its durability. Its two 7-inch wheels give it a huge boost in terms of portability. This relatively smaller size and heft makes it suitable for camping and outdoor applications (See my post on other cheap camping generators that you can get).

Black Max BM10500 – this Subaru engine-powered 5000 watt generator (6250 starting watts) designed with a slightly bigger tank of 6 gallons maximum capacity and is capable of up to 11 hours operation with a 50% load. It has 5 outlets (four 120-volt 20 Amps, one 120/240 20 Amp AC outlet with a Twist Lock mechanism. Safety features include a low oil alert and automatic shutdown and a circuit breaker. It is also designed with a sturdy roll cage, folding handle and two 10-inch tires for mobility.

Black Max BM10570 – this is a 5700 watt generator that uses a Yamaha engine (MZ300) that sports a huge 7 gallon gas tank for a little longer running capacity. Like the BM10500, it has 5 AC outlets with one featuring a 120/240V 30 Amp Twist Lock mechanism. This unit also sports a heavy-duty frame, a couple of 10-inch pneumatic tires and a twin-folding handle. This model also has similar safety features with a low-oil alarm and a voltage regulator that makes it reliable even for delicate electrical appliances. A nice feature of this model is its spark arrestor muffler that reduce noise level and gives it a bit of that silent generator capability.

Black Max BM10700 – this 7000 watt generator is a Honda engine-powered portable generator with an extra generous gas tank of 8 gallons. It’s electric-start Honda GX390 OHV engine is capable of 14 hours continuous operation at 50% load. It is built with four 120V outlets and features an analog hour meter for “better product serviceablilty”. Simlar to the BM10570, it is also built with a noise-reducing spark arrestor muffler and comes with a durable frame with a twin-fold handle as well as the 10-inch pneumatic tires.

All of the above models come with a 2 year warranty on the units as well as the engines. They are available only at Amazon (for some models) and Sam’s Club.

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  1. James says:

    I have researched the 2000 watts portable generator from Yamaha and customers give its good coverage. It is quiet and practical for small workshop/field sites. Also great for camping and other recreational activities. Thanks for you good post!

  2. John Olson says:

    Who manufactures the Black Max 7000 watt generator, model BM90700A? Thank you

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